About the Technician Exam

Everything you need to know about the test to pass and receive your ham radio license. 

How Many Questions?

The exam will have 35 questions from a pool of over 400. Our course covers all of them in about 10 hours.

What Grade to Pass? 

You must achieve a 74%, or answer 26 questions, correct in order to pass. You can miss every single math question and still pass.

Is Morse Code on the Exam?

NO! Morse code was eliminated from the FCC exam in 2007. This has allowed hundreds of thousands of folks to achieve their dream of a ham radio license.

Lesson 1: Introduction

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Intro to Radio

There are many benefits of learning to use a ham radio. Whether you’re interested in the hobby, emergency communications, or disaster prepping, we have designed our course to teach you the essentials and make sure you get licensed. It’s never been easier!

Good news English speakers! The English language is the only acceptable language to use for station identification when operating in a phone sub-band. In regards to any foul (i.e cursing) language - any such language is prohibited! Plain and simple, don’t overthink this question!

While there are many reasons to use ham radio, or amateur radio (emergency, hobby, independent communication), the FCC states that the purpose of the Amateur Radio Service is advancing skills in the technical and communication phases of the radio art.

When you’re taking the test, the key word here is art - amateur radio is both a practical skill and an art too!


Who's in Charge of Amateur Radio?

It’s important to know who regulates and enforces the rules of the Amateur Radio Service in the United States as well - that is the FCC.  

The FCC says that when identifying your station it is encouraged to use the phonetic alphabet. Instead of just saying the letter “A”, for example, you could say “Alpha.” This just makes it easier for the other station to understand you without mistakes.

The Phonetic Alphabet is encouraged, but not required.

Once you get your license, your license is good for 10 years! 

If you choose to upgrade, there are 3 levels of licenses currently available from the FCC: Technician, General and Amateur Extra.

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Lesson 1: Introduction

5 Minute Lesson and Quiz

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